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Why I bought Self Storage in a Recession

Feb 22, 2024

Self-Storage Investing 101 automation self-storage self-storage facility self-storage investing unmanned Oct 10, 2022

Self-Storage Investing 101

This is self-storage investing 101. The self-storage industry has been...

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Automating Self-Storage automation keyless entry self-storage self-storage facility unmanned Oct 04, 2022

Automating Self-Storage

Today we're talking about automating self-storage. Can you really...

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Investing Homerun self-storage self-storage facility self-storage investing Oct 04, 2022

Investing Homerun

How did we turn $200,000 into over $5 million? It's an interesting story and...

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The Importance of Due Diligence May 25, 2022

Understanding Due Diligence

Today we're talking about the due diligence period in self-storage....

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Why You Must Stop Investing in Real Estate May 25, 2022

I'm going to cover why you must stop investing in real estate. First, I hate the word...

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