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  1. History of the industry and how the self-storage bubble burst
  2. Real estate basics on cap rates, expense ratios, and commercial real estate financing
  3. Transfer day how-to resource for handling the takeover of your first facility
  4. Underwriting calculators to go along with the chapter on how to underwrite self-storage investments

About the Author

AJ Osborne is the Founder/CEO of Cedar Creek Capital and Self Storage Income.

With over 2 decades of experience investing in self-storage, AJ has grown of a portfolio of self-storage assets of over 1 million net rentable square feet and become a leader in the self-storage industry.

In his mid-30s, AJ was paralyzed in the hospital with a rare autoimmune disease that left him hooked up to breathing tubes and unable to work. Out of all the things his wife and 4 kids had to worry about during this time AJ was in the hospital, money wasn't one of them. And that's because of AJ's investments in self-storage.

In AJ's words: "Self Storage saved my family's financial life"

Now out of the hospital but not 100% recovered, AJ shares his incredible story and knowledge with others. It was in the hospital that AJ started the idea for both Self Storage Income and Cedar Creek Capital - that he would teach others everything he knew about investing in self-storage.