Self Storage Income success stories, directly from our students!


Heather Van Deest

Owns four facilities and has improved operations
since joining the Inner Circle.

"I just feel like it's such a good investment because not only is it education, but I feel like I've actually saved my business a lot of money in mistakes that, you know, that I could have made. Now we all make mistakes and I continue to make mistakes, but I'm learning every day and I have avoided a lot of mistakes and saved a lot of money being in the group for sure."


Tony McNickle

Got his first storage deal under contract after joining the Inner Circle and partnered with another member.

"One of the primary reasons for for joining this group, amongst others, and making the investment in myself in the group was to accelerate my education and my ability to find and put in a contract, my first storage facility by any means necessary, through the education, through the through the contacts and the networking and the groups,

I truly believe was part of being part of this group, being part of the meetings every week and being committed and disciplined in moving forward with the path in the process."


Drake Schmid

Developed his first storage deal and has since acquired another since joining the Inner Circle

Now that I've joined Inner Circle, I went from not having any storage facilities and being just in the residential market to now I have two facilities, got my ground up development open getting to talk to the people that are in the industry, they're very normal people. And this is not, we're not building space acts, we're putting people's stuff in storage. So it's got it a lot more attainable. because we are also singularly focused on storage, that it's really easy to communicate with them about it. I know a lot of people in our lives don't like hearing about storage all day, every day, but these people do.


Matthew Wallace

Has developed multiple self storage facilities as he scales his business while being a part of the Inner Circle

So one of the things that being in a group like this, people have done a lot more deals, are doing it all the time, and they're doing those projects. They've vetted people, they've had the bad ones, they have the more experienced ones. And when you're in the group, they'll just, you know, you can easily get that answered in this event.

AJ and his entire team, they're constantly trying to get better. They're constantly doing more deals. They're trying to implement a lot of the things. You can save yourself a lot of problems and headaches. You can learn what you should do or you shouldn't do before you even buy one. Or if you have bought one, you'll figure out how to optimize it.

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