183. Nailing your First Self Storage Deal w/ Cameron Barsanti

Season #1

Starting out in Self Storage is no easy feat. We talk all the time about the finances and the underwriting and all the “prep work” that needs to be done before you attempt to acquire a facility. But now, you’ve done that, or maybe you aren’t in a position to wait any longer. You have to start looking for that first facility deal. 

In this episode, we hear from Cameron, who went from loads of debt and 0 facilities, to over $30 million property valuations in just 2 years. When I met him, he was enthusiastic about the industry, but still harbored the fear and the uncertainty that we all experience when investing. He started learning all about the industry (and even joined my Inner Circle mentorship group), and made the jump to buy that first deal. 

What exactly does it take to make that jump? To go all-in on that first deal? What factors do you need to consider, and what fears do you need to overcome? 

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