Unconventional Strategies and Insider Insights in Self-Storage Investing

Nov 22, 2023

This week might be a short one for you at work, but this blog is long and filled to the brim with some of my favorite self-storage content I've done in a while!

And if you're looking for some self-storage investing content to dive into during this long holiday weekend, don't worry...

In this week’s content run down, you’re going to learn:


1. Why I think right now is the BEST time to invest in self-storage

2. Ways to Increase your Revenue and Maximize your Earnings as a Self-Storage Operator

3. How To Find Deals With Turkeys (yes, turkeys!) 


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Video of the Week 

Ready to hear how I was able to cash flow from my self-storage investments while I was in a coma just a few years ago? 

In this week’s video, I had an incredible chance to sit down and talk with Ashley Kehr and Tony Robinson, hosts of the Real Estate Rookie Podcast, and chat with them about self-storage investing.

It was such a fun episode to do, and I dive into everything self-storage and make my case as to why I think right now is the BEST time to invest in this asset class.


Watch my Interview here!

Article Of The Week

Finding a property, negotiating the deal, and signing on the dotted line is some of the most exciting times for an investor.

But being able to properly operate your facility is where the rubber meets the road as a self-storage investor.

And if you're not prepared to run your facility like a well-oiled machine, you're toast.

So, if you want to know everything possible about how to successfully operate a facility and ways to increase your revenue to maximize your income, take a few minutes and read this article! 

Read The Article Here!

Podcast Of The Week 

In this week’s Self Storage Income Podcast, we're embracing the power of being 'unconventional' and thinking outside the box.

When Jonas started investing in self-storage, he sent out turkeys to storage owners in his area - TURKEYS - during Thanksgiving. 

He didn't use mailers or run ads. But he did secure three deals, despite using this unconventional tactic!

Our guest on the Self-Storage Income Podcast this week, Jonas Duckett, now owns over 30 facilities that he acquired with his wife. His valuable insight into the dealmaking process is why we wanted him on our podcast - to share them with you!

So, are you ready to hear more about his story? Click below to take a listen on your holiday weekend drive!


Listen To The Podcast Here!

I'm truly grateful that I get to get to help every single one of you on your self-storage investing journey and hope you all enjoy a nice long weekend with family and friends.

Let me know what your plans are this holiday (and if they have anything to do with self-storage!)

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