About SSI

Founded by AJ Osborne, Self Storage Income’s mission is to help others learn more about this incredible asset class and how to invest in self-storage.

We create content, tools, and courses to help you navigate the changing landscape of self-storage. Self Storage Income is designed for both beginner’s and experts to create wealth through self-storage.

By focusing on building a business around this real estate asset, you can create and implement a strategy that creates wealth both in the short term and in the future. Join us and get started today by downloading some of our free resources.

What to Expect From Us

At Self Storage Income we want to help you understand the ins and outs of self-storage and learn how you can leverage self-storage to help you generate revenue.

You can expect content in the form of podcasts, videos, articles, free calculators and downloads. We also have premium calculators and our exclusive Self Storage Inner Circle where members have group calls with AJ 2+ times a month to dive in depth into everything self-storage.

We are firm believers that success does not happen on an island. Self Storage Income is here to help you become more successful in your self-storage investments to create an overall stronger industry for everyone.

About AJ

AJ Osborne is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and investor who owns and manages his self storage portfolio of over $300 million of assets through his companies Cedar Creek Capital, Bitterroot Holdings, and Clearwater Benefits.

He’s the owner and host of the largest self storage podcast, Self Storage Income. As an operator and private owner with over 1.2 million square feet of self storage, he regularly keynotes at national conferences on operations related to investing in, buying, and managing self storage facilities.

AJ specializes in developing, converting and turning around underperforming facilities with a value-add strategy, and loves to show other entrepreneurs and investors how to focus on technology and self storage automation.

Self storage investing quite literally saved my life.

Shortly after the birth of my fourth child, I became paralyzed from head to toe. I was unexpectedly struck with a rare autoimmune disorder called Guillain Barre Syndrome. I was on life support for months unable to move, eat, or breath.

Let’s flashback for a second. Prior to this experience, I was a hustling benefits consultant. Working for myself, I felt like I had transcended the 9-5 life and was making great money. It wasn’t until I one day realized I hadn’t transcended anything - all I did was give myself more bosses. If I stopped working, my cash would stop flowing.

Realizing the risk I was exposed to, I went to my business partner and proposed a complete overhaul in our business - we were going to drop the consulting and pivot 100% to self storage investing.

Like any transition, we endured obstacles but ultimately we were able to figure it out and build a sizable portfolio. When I was paralyzed, my self storage investments supported me and my family. Regardless of whether I showed up, those storage facilities kept kicking off cash flow and it was this cash flow that gave me and my family the space and time I needed to heal.

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