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Shortly after the birth of my fourth child, I became paralyzed from head to toe. Unexpectedly struck with a rare autoimmune disorder called Guillain Barre Syndrome, I was on life support for months unable to move, eat, or breathe.

On top of that, while in the hospital I was fired from my job.

Out of all the things that my family had to worry about while I was laying there helpless, money was not one of them. And that is because we invested in self-storage. Even when I was literally paralyzed, self-storage kept paying the bills so my wife could take care of our kids.

While in the hospital, I made a promise to myself that I would teach everything I know about investing in self-storage and allow others to invest alongside me. And that is why we started Self Storage Income. Because at one point or another, you’ll no longer be able to work - and I truly believe that self-storage is one of the best ways to create financial freedom and generational wealth for you and your family.


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